11. January 2018

Interview with Frank Stegert (99Chairs)

To make professional interior design affordable for everyone is the goal of Frank Stegert and Julian Riedelsheimer, founders of Berlin-based online platform 99Chairs. In the interview with TechTag, Frank Stegert discusses entrepreneurial challenges he had experienced during the early stage, talks about the companies’ market and shares plans for the further development.

Read the full interview here (in German)

5. January 2018

Asanayoga with 6.5 M USD Financing Round

Asanayoga, the Berlin-based platform dedicated to Yoga and developer of the Asana Rebel app, just closed a 6.5 million USD financing round with the investors e.ventures, La Famiglia, High-Tech Gruenderfonds and Astutia. With 150K paying subscribers and 1.5 million workouts completed via the app each month, Asanayoga is on the growth track. Robin Pratap and Pascal Klein, the companies‘ founders, will use the capital to further advance the fitness program and refine the Asana Rebel app.

Read the article on TechCrunch here

22. December 2017

Cubitabo becomes part of Sleepz AG

Cubitabo GmbH, home of the online-shop for mattresses and accessories Bettenriese, is since middle of December part of Sleepz AG, a Berlin-based e-commerce group focused on sleep products. With the acquisition, Sleepz AG wants to broaden its market access and strengthen the group’s online marketing.

25. October 2017

Successful Exit: Joblift

With the sale of our the stakes in the meta search platform for job ads, Joblift, to a European investment company, we have realized another successful exit. ASTUTIA has been invested in the Hamburg-based company since August 2015.

14. July 2017

Successful Exit: InterNations acquired by XING

InterNations, with over 2,7 million active users the the world’s largest social network and information portal for people living and working abroad, is acquired by XING AG (Germany). The Munich-based company will continue the operations under its established brand. Malte Zeeck and Philipp von Plato will remain Co-CEO to further develop the business vision. Besides strengthening its existing expat communities, XING is dedicated to invest in the development of InterNations‘ services and B2B business. InterNations has been part of ASTUTIA’s investment portfolio since 2007. We are pleased with the sucessful exit and we say thank you to Malte, Philipp and the entire team.

10. July 2017

How Roq.ad helps Bonava targeting the campaign

Companies like Adobe, Unilever, Payback and Immoscout24 already use the technology of Roq.ad. Now Bonava, a residential real estate development company, uses Roq.ad to target the new campaign with digital storytelling and emotional videos and involve the whole family in the decision making process of buying real estate.
Read the Article (in German)

5. July 2017

99Chairs: „Since day one, we knew our goal“

In this interview with Deutsche Startups, Julian Riedelsheimer, co-founder of 99Chairs, answers personal questions, reflects on entrepreneurial decisions, and provides insights into his company.
Read the interview (in German)

20. May 2017

Interview with Carsten Frien: Many Devices, One Goal

Carsten Frien, Co-Founder and CEO of multi-device technology provider Roq.ad, calls for an end of isolated marketing channels. Clients like Red Bull and Vodafone prove that cross-device marketing pays. In the interview with LEAD digital, Carsten Frien explains which KPIs  to watch in order to make it work. Read more (in German)…

27. April 2017

Internations’ Malte Zeeck: “Patron of Business Nomads”

Ten years ago, Munich resident Malte Zeeck founded the international expat network Internations. Today, it is present in 390 cities around the globe. Compared to its competition, it is rather small, but in its niche it is leading, and growing substantially. Read more (in German)…

15. November 2016

Urbanara opens flagship store in Düsseldorf

By connecting customers of hand-made, fair traded furniture and home accessories directly with the manufacturers, Urbanara has already become successful in online world. Since starting in 2011, the Berlin-based company has grown annually by 50-100%. Today Urbanara makes a two-digit million EUR turnover and has a team of 70 employees. Now the founders Claire Davidson and Benjamin Esser have opened the companies’ flagship store in Düsseldorf. In the new store environment, customers can from now on experience the product quality first-hand, before the purchase.

Read the article in the Urbanara magazine here.